Development projects

Planned Projects

  • Construction of a swimming pool for children is a popular demand of DOHS residents. The project has already approved by the General Body in the last AGM. If approved this may be constructed on the western side of the Fitness Centre by a sponsor.
  • Expansion of Fitness Centre with a provision of drinks corner as and when plan is approved.
  • Construction of water fountain in the Centre of the pond through a sponsor if approved.

In Process

  • Expansion of CSD is under active consideration of AHQ. A Board of officers convened by AHQ are working on it. Treasurer Lt Col M Abdur Rab Ex ASC (Ex GM,CSD) has been nominated as member from our Porishod.
  • Approval of the Fitness Center is under active consideration of MEO, Cantt Board & AHQ. All necessary papers along with 5 copies plan, 2 copies soil test and survey reportsare already submitted.
  • Carpeting works of 4000 sft at lane-1 (western side) will be done soon by the Cantt Board.
  • Proposal for repair works of lane-10 (western side) has been sent to Cantt Board.
  • Proposal for repair of pot-holes of all the lanes of DOHS has been sent to Cantt Board and being pursued.
  • Renovation/Beautification of Children Park at Rd-10 (East) is in progress.
  • Contract has already been concluded to carpet area between Joarshahara Pocket gate and Lane no 4 which was damaged during installation of 3rd feeders line.

Completed Projects

  • 75 Street lights from School Gate to Staff Road and Y-Junction to Ananya Shopping Complex have been replaced with new tube lights.
  • 550 Meters Tile works along the canal side walkway is in progress.
  • Organogram of the Porishod has been revised to suit the present requirements.
  • 14 Wrls sets have been procured and are now in use to ensure fastest communication among the guards and concerned office bearers.
  • New offices of Treasurer & Member Security have been established at level-4.
  • Ladies Club has been shifted to level-4 from level-2. Room has been furnished with additional 50 chairs, LED Light and with 3X2 ton Airconditions. Crockeries are being procured from PCI with DOHS monogram printed. New Ladies Club Committee has been elected.
  • Account office has been shifted from level-2 to level-4.
  • Shifting of Service Centre/Control Room from level-1 to level-2 is in progress under direct supervision of the Secretary.
  • Furniture for the office of the Treasurer & Member Security have been procured.
  • 2 ton AC for the office of Treasurer & Member Security has been installed.
  • 2 x Treadmills commercial type of Fitness Center both at male & female side have been installed.
  • 1 ton AC for prayer room of Convention Centre has been installed.
  • 3 x 2 ton AC for Fitness Center have been installed at  male side.
  • 11 x Fire Extinguisher machine have been installed at Convention Center.
  • Railing & glass for roof top of Convention Centre have been fixed.
  • Dustbins for the pedestrians have been placed all along the footpaths of our central road.
  • Some of the energy bulbs have been replaced by LED in Lake/Park area.
  • 3 x Sharp Vacum Cleaner, 1 x General AC Compressor, 2 x Air Curter have been procured/installed in the mosque.
  • Painting works of the outer and inner wall of the mosque have been done.
  • Fly Proofing of Imam & Muazzins house has been completed.